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06 August 2019

The Stoning of the Jamarat - Exclusive Hajj Footage from Mina!

Muslim Hands

Have a taste of what millions of pilgrims are experiencing on Hajj this year with our amazing new video series The Prophetic Steps (exclusive footage, courtesy of Islam Channel).

The stoning of the Jamarat (pillars) takes place on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, before the Eid sacrifice, and again on the 12th and 13th of Dhul Hijjah.

This stoning (or Rami) commemorates the actions of Prophet Ibrahim's (as) family when Shaytaan tried to tempt them to disobey Allah. Allah had revealed to Ibrhaim (as) in a dream that he must sacrifice his beloved eldest son Isma'il (as) for Allah's sake. Shaytaan tried to convince Isma'il (as) and his parents to reject the command three times, and each time they stoned him, thereby reiterating their rejection of him and their submission to Allah's will. This is why we stone the Jamarat three times, rejecting Shaytaan ourselves and reaffirming our submission to Allah's will and our acceptance of whatever he asks of us.


SubhanAllah, we hope Allah accepts the Hajj of this year's pilgrims and allows us to be among those who, like Ibrahim (as), would sacrifice anything for His sake.

To see more amazing exclusive footage, including the making of the Kiswah cloth which covers the Ka'bah and a visit to the Prophet Muhammad's (saw) grave, visit our YouTube channel to watch The Prophetic Steps series. 

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