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15 May 2020

Ramadan Reminders: Giving Charity is an Essential Worship

Muslim Hands
Ramadan Reminders: Giving Charity is an Essential Worship

Charity is an amazing way to get closer to Allah during hardship and it is an essential spiritual cornerstone of Islamic life. Learn more about the rewards and blessings of charity in these videos from our fundraising director, Yasrab Shah.

Allah replaces the wealth you spend for His sake

We often talk about charity in terms of bringing relief to others, transforming poor communities and saving lives. However, we we rarely talk about the huge difference this will make to our lives!


This Ramadan, let's pray that Allah replaces our wealth because of the charity we give, trusting in Him to provide for us as we give hope to others and help save lives.

Charity protects us from calamity

There are many du'as for protection we can recite during this unprecedented crisis, but we should not forget that giving charity is also an essential protection against calamity.


During these last few days of Ramadan, remember to give charity with the intention of asking Allah for protection against the calamities of this world.

We will wish we gave more charity

One of the things we will most regret is not giving enough charity:


Let’s not wait until it’s too late before we give charity! In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to live as if today is our last day in this world. Give charity as if it’s the last chance you will ever have to give charity.

May Allah increase your wealth, protect you and your loved ones from calamity, and put barakah in whatever you spend for His sake, ameen.


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