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07 August 2020

Interview from the Ground: Beirut is 'like a total desert'

Muslim Hands

Our partners on the ground in Lebanon, ISWA, were on SKY News last night, speaking about the urgent need for help in Lebanon. They described Beirut in the aftermath of the catastrophe as being 'like a total desert'.

On Tuesday 4th August, a massive building explosion in Beirut port killed at least 157 people and injured about 5,000 more. The death toll is expected to rise. Up to 300,000 people also lost their homes, and three hospitals in Beirut were destroyed.

Badih Ghazzaui, one of the Senior Managers, reported that, 'There's a blackout, no electricity, no water, nothing that's available for the citizens and people who are living in that area'.

He also called the Beirut port 'the main vein of Lebanon', and said that the explosion has led to further food shortages in a country already grappling with economic crisis. In recent months, the price of staple foods like cereal has doubled in Lebanon, with inflation rates sky-rocketing, and supermarkets have been rationing essential items.

'Half of the medical supplies that were stored in that facility are destroyed, as well as six months' worth of food, especially wheat. Sourcing supplies will be more challenging over the next days and months'.

You can watch his full interview on Sky News in the video below:


Our partners are on the ground right now distributing aid to survivors. It is vital that we fulfil people's most pressing needs, including giving vulnerable families emergency food and medical packs.

The people of Lebanon were already struggling before this devastating explosion. They need your help now more than ever.

Act now to support survivors through the worst of this crisis.

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