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17 August 2020

Press Release: Urgent response needed after floods in Sudan kills 65

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: Urgent response needed after floods in Sudan kills 65

UK charity Muslim Hands is urgently calling on supporters to donate so that vital relief can reach those affected by the floods in Sudan. On 29th July prolonged intense heavy rains caused the first wave of severe flooding, which has since continued, killing 65 people, and affecting more than 185,000.

The infrastructure of more than 30,400 homes are damaged, 14,000 homes have been destroyed, and livelihoods are now at threat with the death of over 700 cattle. Thousands of water sources have either been contaminated or are non-functional and the risk of disease outbreaks is extremely high. Sudan is in the midst of its rainy season, which lasts from June to October. More heavy rainfall is expected in the coming months, wreaking havoc in 17 of the 18 states that make up the country, such as the north, south and west of Darfur, White Nile and the Khartoum states.

Muslim Hands initial response will be to distribute £25,000 of emergency aid which will include food packs and other essential items, such as mosquito nets, plastic sheets, and mats to protect against the environment to over 1000 families in Khartoum. Sudan is also one of the worst hit countries in regard to Covid-19 in Africa coupled with an outbreak of polio. Muslim Hands will also distribute PPE and medication to protect those that are now vulnerable and susceptible to the disease.

Dr Basel Alkhder, Muslim Hands Emergency Lead, said:

‘The floods have wreaked havoc in Sudan, leaving thousands displaced and left with nothing. The country’s infrastructure is severely damaged leaving the nation prone to disease. The Sudanese people urgently need vital aid to survive and we are calling on our supporters to donate so that we can reach those who need it most. Unfortunately, this is just the first wave of what is yet to come in the next few months, and therefore we must act now.’

Dr Ismail Abdalla, Muslim Hands Sudan Country Manager, said:

‘We would like to thank the donors for their kind and continuous support to the needy people of Sudan since 1994. The floods this year are something exceptional and there is suffering on every street in Sudan. The rain is heavy, and people have no shelter and are left helpless. The main highway is destroyed and for people to use alternative routes is difficult as fuel is hard to come by and is expensive. The water has taken everything, people have lost their livestock, their lives and with the current pandemic sweeping through Africa, we are under immense pressure. The people of Sudan are extremely affected, and recent events have taken away their smiles. So please help we are in need of your donations.’

Muslim Hands UK

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