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19 April 2021

Your Sadaqah and Zakat are Giving Hope

Muslim Hands

The Prophet (saw) said, 'Verily, Allah will raise up a date or a morsel in charity, just as one of you raises his mare or his young, until it becomes like the mountain of Uhud'. [Ibn Hibban]

The charity we give this Ramadan is sharing blessings, giving hope and ultimately saving lives. We have no idea how much difference we are making in this world - and no idea how much Allah (swt) is multiplying our rewards in the akhirah!


Allah says, 'Whoever saves one (life) - it is as if he had saved humanity'. [The Noble Qur’an, 5:32]

Save lives this Ramadan by giving food, providing water, donating to our emergency appeals - or simply giving to the Where Most Needed Fund!


Muslim Hands UK

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.