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21 January 2022

'May Allah forgive this Ummah'

Muslim Hands

On Sunday, our team returned safely from Yemen, after two weeks of visiting vital projects. Yasrab Shah, our Director of Fundraising, has a personal message for you upon his return.


Blankets and warm clothes are such basic supplies but these children don't have that protection from the cold. Sister Wafah has been fleeing conflict for years, moving between camps, trying to keep her children safe. But she can't keep them warm.

Our team gave Sister Wafah warm clothes and blankets for her daughters and we paid her hospital bills. But she is just one mother among thousands of desperate mothers. They are waiting for you - for the Ummah - to save their children.

Winter is far from over and these families are living in tents, at the mercy of the cold. Brothers and sisters, I urge you to give whatever you can because every donation will save lives.

May Allah (swt) give the people of Yemen ease and relief and may He forgive us, amin.

Muslim Hands UK

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