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15 April 2022

Our Visit to the Al-Hadhba Clinic in Yemen

Muslim Hands

In January 2022, our team visited Ma'rib in Yemen to see the Al-Hadhba Clinic. The clinic serves 100 patients per day, including children suffering from malnutrition who have nowhere else to turn.


Maryam's mother, Zahra, told our team that she walked one kilometre to carry Maryam to the Al-Hadhba Clinic and get her life-saving care. 'I have another child who is malnourished and he is less than 3 years old', she told our team. Paying for medical treatment has put her family in debt and the free clinic is a huge relief. 

Maryam's father, Abdullah, said, 'I get depressed and I lose hope. In sha Allah, with the support of Muslim Hands, my child can get better'.

The clinic is slowly nursing Maryam back to health. In two weeks, she went from 6.4kg to 6.8kg - and the doctors told our team they hoped to get her to 10.3kg over the next three months. Every day, Maryam's goal is to eat 750 calories from the food packets which the doctors give her, while they monitor her gradual progress.

Malnutriton rates in Yemen are among the highest in the world, impacting 3.5 million pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under five. By giving to our Yemen Medical Fund, you can keep our three clinics running and help children recover from the devastating impact of hunger.

It only takes £4 to treat one child. Donate now to save lives.

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