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07 December 2023

Gaza War 2023: Your Donations in Action

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For two months, our brothers and sisters in Gaza have been under intense bombardment, subjected to massacre after massacre. You have given generously to support them, providing medical supplies, ready-to-eat food and bottled water. Our partner on the ground, UNRWA took these photos from the distributions during their visit to north Gaza last week. 

Despite the restrictions imposed at the Rafah border crossing, trucks have entered the Gaza strip carrying your donations to the increasing number of displaced Palestinians. The majority of this has been distributed in the south of Gaza where most people have fled. During the seven-day humanitarian ceasefire, your aid reached north Gaza for the first time since the war began, including the Jabalia refugee camp
Our partner on the ground, UNRWA have distributed bread and ready meals to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.
Water tankers and bottled water are a vital part of the aid entering Gaza. So much of the infrastructure has been damaged, making clean water that is safe to drink difficult to find.
The assault on Gaza has left tens of thousands injured, many of them children. Your donations are providing lifesaving medical aid for them.
Alhamdulillah, your support is bringing some relief to our brothers and sisters in Gaza that are going through pain we cannot possibly fathom. Staff from our partner on the ground continue to add positivity to the lives of children at their shelters. They've witnessed countless horrors.

JazakumAllahu khairan for all your donations so far! As the atrocities continue with no end in sight, we urge you to continue giving to displaced families in Gaza and sharing this appeal with family and friends. They need us to continue supporting them. May Allah (swt) reward you for your generosity and care towards the vulnerable people in our Ummah, amin!

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