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Help families in Gaza by providing emergency relief, food and medicine.

This Ramadan
Save Lives in Palestine

Save Lives in Palestine and Gaza

Zakat for Jerusalem

Support struggling families in Jerusalem with your Zakat.

Your donation will provide essentials such as food and medicine, prioritising widows and orphans, disabled people, impoverished families and the elderly.

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Sponsor an Orphan

Help give a Palestinian child a chance at a brighter future for just £29.50 a month.

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Olive Trees for Palestine

Provide a sustainable livelihood for Palestinian farmers, allowing them to support their families.

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Give Hope To The People Of Palestine

Families on the Gaza strip and the West Bank have been left unable to enjoy the most basic of human rights such as access to food, water and medical treatment. Over 30% of Palestinians suffer from food insecurity and in Gaza, the number jumps up to over 60%.

Children in the region are bearing the brunt of the conflict, with as many as half of them dependent on humanitarian assistance and one in four in need of psychological support.

Muslim Hands has been working in Palestine since 2007, providing medical care, food, education and livelihoods support to families across Gaza and the West Bank.

With the situation in Palestine deteriorating with each passing year, we need your continued support to provide urgent relief.

Give hope to the people of Palestine with your Sadaqah and Zakat.


Only With Your Help

Since 1993 Muslim Hands has:

Sponsored over 50,000 orphans

Raised over £200 million

Provided over 2.5 million people with clean water

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‘Truly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him’.

[The Noble Qur’an, 3:159]

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Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.