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Since 25th August, violence has erupted in Rakhine State (Myanmar), unleashing a full-scale humanitarian crisis. Thousands of displaced Rohingya families have been forced to flee the area in search of refuge and security and have headed towards neighbouring Bangladesh.

As dedicated volunteers, we’re now calling on you to help support our work and provide essential aid for Rohingya refugees in desperate need.

Volunteer TODAY and be part of an urgent campaign to help thousands of Rohingya in crisis. See details below.



31 October 2017


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Our dedicated volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. An incredible 3,000 volunteers across the UK have been able to make a positive impact on millions of live across the globe.

With your support, you’ll help provide food, clothing, medical care and shelter for thousands of men, women and children, helping to save lives and provide crucial hope for the future.

We need YOUR help in fundraising for Rohingya families. We’re calling on YOU to:

1. Start online fundraising by setting up an Online JustGiving Page
2. Organise a fundraising dinner in your local community
3. Run a bucket collection in your area
4. Distribute flyers

Save Rohingya Refugees

It’s been estimated by the UN that since 25th August, over 412,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed over into Bangladesh as their villages – and with it their homes and livelihoods – have been burnt, with 400,00 more men, women and children left displaced inside Myanmar itself.

With ongoing unrest in the region for many years, a total of one million Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar to escape persecution and now a staggering 250,000 people in the area have now also been left without regular access to food.

At Muslim Hands, we’ve been supporting families in Myanmar since 2008, providing essential aid, including Ramadan and Qurbani aid, and also building shelter homes for displaced men, women and children.

As thousands of families find themselves in crisis, we’re now calling on you to help support our work and help provide essential aid for Rohingya refugees in desperate need.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. Simply complete the volunteer form and a member of the events team will be in touch to help you start volunteering and fundraising.

Q. Will Muslim Hands provide resources for fundraising events?

A. Yes, we can provide collection buckets, penny boxes, Muslim Hands t-shirts, and items specially for charity dinners for your event.

Q. Can Muslim Hands create event posters and flyers?

A. Yes, we can create posters and flyer designs as required.


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