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16 July 2015

An Inspiring End to Ramadan

Muslim Hands

Here at Muslim Hands HQ we were all moved by the story of one donor who, after attending one of our Journey to Jannah events, gave a very generous amount to our Motherkind appeal. The next day we found out that he had taken his shahadah. We asked him for a few words and what he told us was nothing short of inspirational.

'Tonight I just completed my Shahada. Zakat, I know, is one of the five pillars of Islam, and I've been focusing on meeting all 5 pillars. The reason for me donating is to fulfil my Zakat obligation. During Ramadan I have also been fasting and I am learning how to pray Salah. The donation was on behalf of myself, with the desire to help those who are in need.

When I learned that £10 could buy an olive tree and provide an income for a family it made me recognise how little things could be leveraged to really change lives. When I learned about the large number of deaths that occur during child birth and how preventable these deaths are if these mothers have access to proper medical care I was so moved.  

When I found out that mothers in Afghanistan didn't have incubators to help prematurely born babies, I just knew this was a worthy cause to donate towards. When Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi reminded us that each donation we give actually comes back to us in greater abundance in many areas of our lives, I just knew I stood in need of blessings, not only in this life but in the hereafter.

To those who are given much, I believe Allah places in their life path people who could benefit from their help. I realise the great blessings that God has given me is an opportunity afforded me to help others, even if it's just a few people.

May God grant you success in your endeavours in meeting the needs of those who struggle. Insha’Allah you will help many people, and the generations that will rise from those who have been helped, will be strengthened, self-sufficient, and blessed with the abundance to help others who are struggling'.

We were truly humbled by this donor’s humility and his commitment to the Deen and to helping those less fortunate than him. May Allah accept it from him, ameen. He is an inspiration to us all!

If you would like to provide new and expectant mothers in Afghanistan and Somalia with life-saving medical care you can donate or learn more here.

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