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02 July 2015

The Big Iftaar: The Blessings of Ramadan

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor
The Big Iftaar: The Blessings of Ramadan

After two inspiring nights in Bradford and Leicester, our Big Iftaar tour is hitting Peterborough on the 3rd of July and Luton on the 10th. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Your donations and dua will go a long way in supporting thousands of orphans around the world.

Muslim Hands donors are currently supporting over 12,000 orphans worldwide and together we are creating a better and brighter future not only for the children, but for entire communities.  

Our orphan sponsorship programme encompasses all aspects of the child’s wellbeing. This includes the provision of daily nutritious meals, access to medicine and a quality education. All of our orphans are cared for by a dedicated orphan worker who ensures all of their needs are met.

By the grace of Allah, the Big Iftaar tour kicked off in Bradford. The event was full of excitement and entertainment.  Qur’an recitation by Qari Muhammed Ayyub Asif got the night underway with a fabulous reading that touched all of our hearts. ‘What an amazing organisation!’ he exclaimed. ‘Today’s event was a huge success, fantastic! Events like these really do humble you and increase your spirituality’. He was followed by the talented nasheed artist, Adbullah Haqani.

Our main speaker on the night was Imam Khalid Hussein who spoke about the important aspect of mercy in Ramadan. As we were in the first 10 days of Ramadan, the days of mercy, he emphasised the importance of treating orphans with mercy too. ‘They need your help’ he told us. ‘Children in agony is one of the hardest things to witness, and every day these poor children face imposing battles. Please give them a little hope for a better life, and help those who really need it’.

Without our fantastic volunteers, these events would not be possible. Farah, a volunteer at the Leicester event said, ‘It was such an uplifting experience. I really do urge everyone to take part in volunteering with Muslim Hands, donate to Muslim Hands and help them make a change. Help the needy, they need it, they need you’.

'Very often we don’t realise how lucky we are, how much we have. There’s so many people who are suffering. Get up, get out there, let’s work together to help those who need it. Volunteer with Muslim Hands. They truly are united for the needy.' Adam, volunteer

We spoke with the event organiser, Amreen Hussain who said, ‘The Big Iftaar in Bradford brought together families and friends all in hope of providing hope for orphans worldwide. The Muslim Hands volunteers along with the Islamic Theology Society of Bradford helped arrange and organise the event. They worked as a team, promoted the event, sold tickets and managed things on the day. Building a network of dedicated volunteers, supporting our charitable projects around the world is at the heart of Muslim Hands’ work’.

Join Muslim Hands for the Big Iftaar as we travel to Peterborough (3rd July) and Luton (10th July). Learn more about the difference your sponsorship can make to an orphan child, all for just £27 a month!

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