Syria Crisis

Syria Crisis

Give relief to suffering families in Syria

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Help us Build Homes for Displaced Syrian Families

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘It (Shaam or Greater Syria) is Allah’s best land, to which He sends His best servants'. [Abu Dawud]

For almost a decade, your donations have supported displaced Syrians and refugees. You've provided food, winter relief and emergency supplies, established schools and bread factories, given medical care and so much more.

Now, we urgently need your help to build homes for displaced families in Idlib, Syria.

Many of these families have been living in makeshift shelters for almost ten years. They are vulnerable to flooding, landslides, below-freezing temperatures and fires. They are in desperate need of safe and stable homes to protect them from the elements.

Our partners on the ground have been given over 100 acres of land in the safe zone near the Turkish border. With your help, they are building 50,000 brick houses for Syrian IDPs, prioritising disabled people and widows with children.

Each home costs £1,200 to build - less than what many of us would spend on a new sofa! They are 38m² and include two main rooms, a kitchen, a washroom and a small yard.

With your support, we can finish building these homes by Ramadan, in sha' Allah! Don't miss out on this chance to make a difference. Be a lifeline to Allah's best servants in their hour of need.

Key Facts

Since the outbreak of conflict in 2011, the situation in Syria has steadily deteriorated

6.1 million internally displaced people

This is more than the entire population of neighbouring Lebanon

5.6 million have fled Syria as refugees

Half of them are children

Over 13 million within Syria in need of assistance

The biggest humanitarian crisis of our time


How You've Helped

Your donations have done so much for the blessed people of Syria, including:

Emergency food and winter aid to the fleeing population of Eastern Aleppo

Over 4,000 children with an education

Nearly 100,000 people with emergency food items

Families in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey with winter parcels and hygiene kits

Medical treatment to over 40,000 patients

Water tanks, an ambulance service and pyscho-social support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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'The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity'. [Al-Tirmidhi]

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