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05 October 2015

Celebrating Children’s Day with the Sri Lanka School of Excellence

Tijen Horoz
Celebrating Children’s Day with the Sri Lanka School of Excellence

First introduced in 1925, international children’s day is now celebrated worldwide. The day is held in special honour of children everywhere and focuses on the well-being of children and their right to learn and grow in an environment where they are protected and supported.

On October 1st the Muslim Hands School of Excellence in Sri Lanka celebrated Children’s Day with an exciting trip for all the students. It was decided that a day of swimming and activities would be a great way to reward students for their hard work and a nice break from their studies.

So at 7.00am children and teachers set off for the local Puttalam swimming pool. After a breakfast of buns, cakes and milk the festivities began.

As well as taking a refreshing swim in the pool the students enjoyed other fun activities such as football and athletics. Our country manager told us the children were in a ‘jubilant mood’ and that as well as being an exciting day out for the younger children the day came as a great relief from the stress of studying and exams for the older pupils.

In the afternoon the group packed up their things and tired, but happy, they made their way back to school.

Our Schools of Excellence provide orphaned and disadvantaged children across the world with the chance to receive a quality education, regular meals and medical check-ups. Our teachers are passionate not only about teaching the children, but also about providing a safe and engaging environment for children to play and socialise in.

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