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23 November 2015

Young Muslim Writers Awards 2015 Shortlist

Muslim Hands
Young Muslim Writers Awards 2015 Shortlist

After receiving hundreds of entries, we will be announcing the winners of the 2015 Young Muslim Writers Awards presented in association with Yusuf Islam Foundation on 5th December at Muslim Hands’ annual ceremony celebrating literary talent. Award winning authors Louis de Bernières and Tim Bowler will be presenting trophies to the winners, supported by an exciting lineup of performers.

The Young Muslim Writers Awards was set up as a standalone competition for 5–16 year olds in 2010, following its success as part of Muslim Hands’ Muslim Writers Awards. Since then, it has encouraged and nurtured the writing talents of thousands of children through creative writing workshops and the annual competition.

Forty writers whose poetry and short stories were the standout entries this year have now been shortlisted. Their submissions have been assessed by an internationally renowned panel of judges including Carnegie Medal winner Tim Bowler, novelist and poet Louis de Bernières who is most popular for his novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin as well as poet, broadcaster and playwright Gillian Clarke.

Chairman of Muslim Hands, Syed Lakhte Hassanain, says of the awards,

“Time and again young writers impress us beyond measure with their creativity and writing talent. The selection process is always an incredibly enjoyable, yet challenging stage of the competition as the quality of writing is continuously improving. This proves that through nurturing the aspirations and celebrating the achievements of young people we can help create an environment where they can flourish. This is the philosophy which drives our UK community development work in youth empowerment, poverty alleviation, ex-offender rehabilitation and women’s leadership programmes.”

For the third consecutive year, the ceremony is presented in association with Yusuf Islam Foundation, an umbrella organisation which has over thirty years of experience operating in education, community development and philanthropy.

The ceremony will be broadcast on Islam Channel, official media partner of the competition since 2006.

2015 Shortlist

Key Stage 1 Poetry

Safa Shahzad – The Moon
Zakariya Robinson – Kenning
Abdul Maatin Riaz – My Mum, and others
Sanna Butt – My School
Hawwa Salim – My Mother

Key Stage 2 Poetry

Imani Ahmed – No Sign
Aminah Rahman – Spring, Autumn and Winter
Hafsa Chawdry – Fireworks
Maryam Khan – Midnight Town
Abdullah Aiem - The Dragon

Key Stage 3 Poetry

Naima Mohamed – Free Dubai
Imaan Maryam Irfan – Writer’s Block, and others
Kashf Mughal – The Blindfold, and others
Nusrat Razzaque – Elegy About the Earth
Hannah Rehman – A New Day Begins

Key Stage 4 Poetry

Safeerah Mughal – A Quilt of Stars
Fathima Ra’ana Riyaz – Justice
Maria Ahmed – Beware, Society
Shebana Khan – The Circus of Lies
Ammaarah Samuel – Slowly Drowning, Paralyzed with Fear

Key Stage 1 Short Story

Munira Kone – The Mermaid and the Whale
Abdul Maatin Riaz – The Pen With 70,000 Heads
Zaynab Hakim – My Transport to Egypt
Maryam Sheikh – The Party and The Spider
Saffa Amer – The Girl Who Slept on the Radiator

Key Stage 2 Short Story

Rupa Shuweihdi – A Word to the Wise
Sania Ali Khan Ghori – Inspiration
Zeena Mohammed – Shrouded in Secrecy
Myra Durrani – The Haunted House Strikes Again
Madeeha Islam – What Shall I Do

Key Stage 3 Short Story

Mahamed Ahmed Olad – The Power of Self-Discipline
Alara Chaudhery – Falling is Dangerous
Nuha Farhaan – The Milkshake That Mattered
Imaan Maryam Irfan – Ivory Demons
Shahid Ali Khan – No Name

Key Stage 4 Short Story

Fathima Ra’ana Riyaz – Hidden
Safeerah  Mughal – Peaceful Sleep
Adam Umair Anwar – The Reality of War
Sonia Khan – The Toy Aisle
Mariam  Ahmed – The Will

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