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03 June 2016

Sunnah Recipes: Honey

Muslim Hands

Struggling to keep up our strength is a feeling we know all too well during this blessed month. The Prophet (saw) showed us that there are ways to deal with the internal battle between our hearts craving Allah (swt) and our stomachs craving sustenance - simply eating the right foods. Prophet Muhammad (saw) avoided such fatigue by eating foods that are high in energy with proven individual healing qualities. Using the foods, the Prophet (saw) enjoyed eating, we've compiled a number of different delicious recipes and treats to try out this Ramadan.


The Holy Qur’an tell us: 'There comes forth from the bee’s belly, a drink of varying colours, wherein is a healing for men’ (16:68-69).

There is no surprise that this sweet ingredient made it onto the list. The health benefits are such that it is mentioned as a natural medicine for us. Below are a few simple yet delicious ways to use honey:

  1. Honey can be used to sweeten items like tea, fresh juices, milk, drinks and cereal
  2. Raw honey - which is thicker and creamier and has a lower GI - can be mixed with cinnamon and used as a spread on toast for suhur

Besides the immense health benefits outlined above our greatest rewards really lie in following the Sunnah. Allah said to His Messenger (saw): 'Say (to mankind), if you love Allah, follow me – Allah will love you and forgive your sins' (Qur’an 3:31).

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