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06 September 2016

Who is your Qurbani Feeding?

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor

Do you ever wonder who exactly your Qurbani is feeding?

Nowadays, when many of us carry out our sacrifices through charities rather than performing them ourselves, it can be hard to know.

We caught up with the Muslim Hands Somalia team to find out about some of the people your Qurbani will be helping this Eid...

36-year-old mother of four, Soonto Ibrahim Hassan fled war and violence in Qoryoley district in Lower Shabelle. Since her husband died she has struggled to support her children all by herself. After hearing from other displaced families about the Muslim Hands Qurbani programme, she registered and is looking forward to receiving fresh meat on the days of Eid for the first time.
70-year-old Hassan Osman Ibrahim has five children. He has been staying in camps for five years after being forced to leave his hometown by the droughts of 2011.The meat he will receive from your Qurbanis will help to feed his family on the days of Eid and beyond.
25-year-old Faduma Hassan Maahi lost one child to severe diarrhoea two months ago. Her other child is sick from dirty water so she was particularly relieved when Muslim Hands installed water taps in the camp she is staying in. Fadumo receives fresh meat each Eid thanks to your Qurbani offerings.
32-year-old mother of eight, Kheryro Mohamud Halane was displaced from Mubark village in Lower Shabelle. With such a large family to feed and no regular income, the Qurbani meat you provide will sustain her and her children for days.

You can order your Qurbani with Muslim Hands in one of over 40 locations, including Somalia.

Prices start from just £35.

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