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23 May 2017

Providing Healthcare for Mothers in Kabul

Muslim Hands

Our Motherkind clinic in Kabul is still going strong. Our team on the ground continues to provide high quality maternity services and health facilities to people living in Kabul and its surrounding areas. In this densely packed city with a population of 45,000 people, many people lack the ability to access medical care. Here's the story of one woman our team have been helping.

Gul Afroz is 33 years old mother of seven who lives in Kabul. The Afroz family originate from Tagab (Kapisa) but were later forced to migrate to Iran due to civil unrest in the area and their poor economic situation. Now based in Poli Charkhi (Kabul), they continue to live in extreme hardship.  

Gul and her family live in a mud house and have no source of income. Gul’s husband is a drug addict and as well as having seven dependants, Gul is currently five months pregnant. The Motherkind clinic is Gul’s only means to receive free health care services.

After first visiting the MH Motherkind clinic in search of work, Gul has since been receiving free health care and a small stipend. Our clinic provides each person who reports to the clinic for check-ups with 50 AFN (around 57p), a sum which gives Gul a monthly income to feed her family.

Gul is one of the clinic’s many beneficiaries and receives a small amount of money, around 6000AFN (£68), per month from Muslim Hands. She is a regular beneficiary having received support for many years, including antenatal and post-natal care. Gul gave birth twice in the Motherkind clinic to two of her children - her two year old and four year old - and during these pregnancies, she received good care and treatment, being provided with a range of free health services including medicines and a post-natal care stipend of 3,750AFN (£43).  

Alhamdulillah thanks to the support Gul and her family have received, she and her youngest two children are in good health. Gul is grateful to Muslim Hands' donors for the support she has received: 'I am very thankful to Muslim Hands' services to the poor and underprivileged. Muslim Hands is running such a well-equipped clinic…'  

For people like Gul, the clinic is a lifeline in an area where health services are limited or otherwise non-existent. Through your ongoing donations, we will be able to continue supporting mothers and children in dire need of support in sha' Allah.   

Muslim Hands UK

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