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12 June 2017

Feeding the Fasting this Ramadan

Muslim Hands

Meet Rehana Bibi, a 58-year-old widow from Chitterpari, Mirpur, and sole breadwinner for her family of six. As a housemaid, Rehana sadly cannot afford enough food for the whole month of Ramadan. Watch the video and find out how Muslim Hands has helped her during this holy month.



Alhamdulillah, Rehana now no longer has to worry about meals this month. Mirpur, Pakistan, is just one of the many places we’ve been distributing these packages in order to eliminate poverty and help families fight nutritional deficiency throughout Ramadan.

Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve been feeding the fasting, providing orphans, widows, the elderly and other needy people with food packages to help them through this holy month but there are still many other families in need of your help.

For people like Rehana, Muslim Hands are the only hope they have. Please donate today.

To see more from our distributions in Mirpur, visit the photo gallery.

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