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19 July 2017

Meet Syrian Student Bera

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The ongoing war in Syria has had a devastating impact on the country, and the education system in particular has been hit the hardest. The lack of infrastructure and good quality schools is putting the future of Syrian children in jeopardy in an already difficult period of uncertainty and instability.   

Alhamdulillah, the Muslim Hands funded orphanage in Salqin, in the Idlib region, currently supports 15 orphans and 30 refugee children, offering them shelter in the dormitory and an Islamic education in the school, with the hope of reintegrating them into society and providing them with a better, brighter future.

One of our many inspirational students at the orphanage is 15-year-old Bera Tirmanini. Bera used to live with his family in Aleppo but later fled the city due to the dire situation in the area. Bera now spends his time in the orphanage, visiting his family during holidays.

Take a look at how you’ve been helping Bera and see how the orphanage is offering him an education, food, shelter and the chance of a normal, healthy childhood.

Mathematics class with fellow students
Islamic Studies – a vital part of the curriculum
1:1 Qur’anic instruction
Leading salah with his classmates masha' Allah
Quiet reflection with the Holy Qur’an
Fun and smiles with fellow students
Food and friendship alhamulillah!

Thanks to your generous support, Bera has been able to continue his education despite the economic crisis in Syria and the financial constraints within his family. After finishing school, Bera wants to go to university and study Islamic Sciences and the support that he has received is providing a vital stepping stone in his life, enabling him to continue his education and reach his academic goals. What’s more, in addition to his academic success, Bera has blossomed from an introverted, shy child into an active social teenager at the orphanage.

All of this has been made possible thanks to your support which has enabled us to fund this vital orphanage:

‘If Muslim Hands hadn’t established this orphanage, I probably would never have had the chance to complete my education. I would have gone astray or maybe even ended up on the streets or died of hunger. I am thankful to donors, Muslim Hands, my teachers, mentors and friends. I am so happy here but I still miss my parents and siblings a lot. Thank you Muslim Hands, my new friend.’

Thank you for supporting Bera and all the other students at the school and giving them hope for the future. Without your support, their future would be a lot bleaker.

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