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02 November 2017

Change a Child's Life Today

Muslim Hands

Around the world today an estimated 200 million children have suffered the pain of losing one or both of their parents. The struggle that orphaned children face growing up - particularly in poor countries - can be a dire and traumatic experience. An orphaned child faces increased risk of being forced into child labour, homelessness, or becoming the victim of sexual assault.

It’s painful to think of the struggle so many children face every day because they have no one to turn to.

The good news is that you can radically change the life of a child in need!

At Muslim Hands we sponsor over 12,000 orphans in more than 20 countries worldwide – countries like Mali, Malawi and Niger which are amongst the poorest in the world, or Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq which have been torn apart by years of conflict.

Our approach is to look after all aspects of a child’s wellbeing. Our orphans are given education and medical and psychological care they would otherwise have no access to.

Your sponsorship of just £29.50 a month will put a child through school and provide them with the best educational resources available. It will feed them, ensure they have proper medical care, and support from their local community. In short it will transform an outcast child into a person with a future to look forward to.

Education and training

Education is the most powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty – so every single one of our children attends school. In areas where a good school is not available we establish Schools of Excellence. These schools employ dedicated and inspirational teachers, trained to give our children the best possible education. Our Omdurman School of Excellence in Sudan, which teaches 1,000 orphans, has achieved 100% pass rates for the last 4 years!

Nutrition and health

Because so many of the children we support live in the poorest of countries, they are at a much higher risk of malnutrition and preventable disease. Our orphans get regular, healthy and filling meals, giving them the strength to excel at their school work and enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Welfare and support

Each child sponsored through Muslim Hands is assigned their own Orphan Carer. These are carefully selected members of the community who provide continued support to our orphans, always ensuring their needs are met and keeping them linked to the community.

We provide our children with crucial psycho-social counselling with dedicated staff to ensure the happiness of each child. With this support they can get the most out of their education and build a brighter future for themselves insha’Allah.

You can give the gift of life to an orphaned child

This incredible work, which gives hope to thousands of children, wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Sponsor an orphan with us and you’ll get an orphan pack which will introduce you to your sponsored child, so you can get to know them. You’ll receive updates on their home life as well as their progress at school, so you can see the positive effect your support has on their life.

Sponsor now and change an orphan’s life!

Muslim Hands UK

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.