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16 February 2018

Saving Lives this Winter

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Your contributions to our Below Zero: Winter Appeal are having a huge impact on the lives of poor and displaced people all over. 

Meet some of the people whose lives are being touched by your generosity.

In Kashmir - Mohammad Amin Najar Struggles to support his family due to severe back injuries which make it hard for him to work. His son, Nomaan, wants to grow up to be a pilot and his daughter, Heena, dreams of becoming a doctor. Your support will help them get through the winter and one step closer to realising their ambitions.
Sultan Mohammad, 50, works as a labourer near Kabul, Afghanistan, and struggles to support his family of eight on a small income. Muslim Hands, through your support has been helping his community through safe water projects and winter relief.
Muhammad Ali is 49 years old, living with his family of nine, including a disabled daughter, in a mud home in Ziarat, Pakistan. He was delighted to receive an emergency winter kit to help them make it through the cold.

Our teams are working hard all over the world to bring life-saving aid to people who face a dire struggle this winter.

By donating to our Below Zero: Winter Appeal you can help us reach more families who need it.

All they ask is 'keep us warm, keep us alive'.

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