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05 May 2020

Press Release: Muslim Hands begin to distribute 2,000 pieces of PPE to UK burial services

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: Muslim Hands begin to distribute 2,000 pieces of PPE to UK burial services

Muslim Hands begin to distribute 2,000 pieces of PPE to UK burial services

UK charity Muslim Hands have begun distributing 2,000 pieces of personal protection equipment to local Muslim Burial Councils and Funeral Services, as part of our Coronavirus appeal response. The equipment, which is limited across the UK, will include a Hazmat suit, visor, foot covers and N95 mask, enough to protect a team of five per locality, catering to the deceased body.

The current pandemic and its rapid spread meant that initial government advice on how funeral directors could protect themselves and ensure the rites of the deceased were met, proved vague. Since then the National Muslim Burial Council have given clarity on what rites can be performed and which need to be omitted due to the unprecedented situation. Precautionary measures from funeral directors have become paramount, as to avoid contamination and spread of the disease due to the influx of deaths, especially from BME communities.

So far across the United Kingdom over 28,000 people have tragically died and 191,000 confirmed infected. Emerging evidence suggests that COVID-19 is having a disproportionate effect on people from BME backgrounds and could be because some BME groups are at higher risk of certain diseases and conditions according to the NHS Confederation.

To find out if you are eligible for PPE support fill in the following form at

Shakil Sidat, Muslims Hands Programmes Director, said:

‘It is imperative that Muslim Burial Councils and Funeral Services across the UK have access to the correct amenities, not only for protection against the disease, but to carry out their moral responsibility of honouring the deceased in the best way possible. We have been fortunate to have access to this scarce resource and are working hard to deliver it to those, within the funeral industry, who are in urgent need of it. We are assured that our current distributions during the month of Ramadan will bring ease to those at the forefront.’

Sufi Muhammad Ramzan, Islamic Centre Nottingham Coordinator, said:

‘We wish to thank Muslim Hands for their prompt response to our request in supplying PPE, as we have been short of this urgent resource. The Islamic Centre Nottingham has been established as the main centre in Nottingham city and county to carry out COVID-19 related Muslim burials, which include the ghusal (washing of the body). Once this supply is finished, we will urgently need more PPE and at greater quantity, which we hope can be facilitated.’


Notes to editor

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