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14 August 2020

Press Release: Muslim Hands founder awarded Pakistan’s Star of Excellence

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: Muslim Hands founder awarded Pakistan’s Star of Excellence

The founder and chairman of international charity Muslim Hands, Syed Lakhte Hassanain, has been awarded Pakistan’s Star of Excellence, which is the third highest accolade in the country. The award recognises individuals who have made a commendable contribution to the interests of Pakistan through humanitarian, cultural and other significant public endeavours.

Syed Lakhte Hassanain is one of 27 individuals to receive the prestigious award from around the world, with winners announced on the 14th August each year, marking the country’s Independence Day.  The number of nominations and awards has increased year on year since the awards were established in 1957, with previous winners including cricket player Shahid Afridi and renowned British-Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid. Syed Lakhte Hassanain will receive the award from the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi on Tuesday 23rd March 2021.

Muslim Hands has been working in Pakistan for 27 years to alleviate poverty in areas such as Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our work has included the running of 200 schools, which has provided an education to over 60,000 orphans and children living in poverty. Over 45,000 WASH facilities have been set up which include individual and communal wells to provide safe water. Mobile health clinics and ambulance services cover 40 districts in Pakistan and our response to emergencies means that we have collectively supported 10 million direct beneficiaries since our formation.

Syed Lakhte Hassanain, Muslim Hands Founder and Chairman, says:

‘I am honoured to be awarded Pakistan’s Star of Excellence and for Muslim Hands to be recognised for over 25 years of work. This award is a representation of the passion, dedication, and loyalty from Muslim Hands donors, volunteers and staff who aim to support and empower communities in Pakistan for the better. Our positive contribution is for the long-haul and we hope to continue our life-changing work in Pakistan and around the world.’

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Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.