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07 August 2020

Press Release: Our Response to the Lebanon Emergency

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: Our Response to the Lebanon Emergency

UK charity to distribute emergency packs in Beirut as part of first phase response

UK charity Muslim Hands has started distributing over 1,000 emergency packs to 1,000 households, which will support 6,500 people affected by the explosion in Beirut, as part of its first phase response in partnership with Islamic Welfare Association (ISWA). The emergency packs consist of essential items such as food and water and will be distributed to vulnerable households that have been directly impacted, such as those who are homeless, living in severely damaged homes, and households supporting elderly and disabled relatives.

On Tuesday 4th August, a warehouse at the Beirut Port exploded, causing widespread casualties and structural damage to buildings and residential homes. Initial reports show that 157 people were killed and 5,000 injured, with emergency workers still searching for survivors in the rubble, and the death toll is expected to rise.

Three health facilities have been destroyed with a further two damaged, and many are overwhelmed, not only with casualties but also because of the worldwide pandemic. It has been estimated that up to 300,000 people have lost their homes and the closure of the port threatens food security in Lebanon.

For 9 years Muslim Hands has been actively working on the ground in Lebanon supporting the country’s 1.7 million refugees with food and winter essentials, which include those that have fled war-torn Syria. The tragic event will make up our televised Lebanon Emergency Appeal on Islam Channel for Friday 7th August 2020 8.00pm {UK time} Sky channel 737 and Virgin Media 838.

To find out more about Muslim Hands and the work we do visit or call 0115 9117222.

Basel Alkhder, Muslim Hands Emergency Lead Programmes, said:

'The impact from the events of August 4th is truly devastating. Innocent lives have either been lost or impacted forever. Lebanon and its people are facing great economic challenges and this tragic event will only add to the already difficult situation of inflated food prices and poverty rates. Muslim Hands is on the ground distributing essential items so that vulnerable families have the basic items for survival. We urge our donors to continue to give to the people of Beirut who are in desperate need'.


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