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03 September 2020

Press Release: £200,000 aid to flood affected regions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Niger and Sudan

Sahirah Javaid
Press Release: £200,000 aid to flood affected regions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Niger and Sudan

UK charity Muslim Hands has pledged to provide £200,000 worth of aid as part of its Floods Emergency Response to support countries affected by the monsoon floods in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Niger, and Sudan. Seasonal floods have wreaked havoc on each of these countries killing thousands of people, severely damaging infrastructure, destroying homes and villages. Livelihoods have also been threatened with devastated crops and cattle. Outbreak of disease is now rife with water sources either contaminated or non-functional.

In Afghanistan a total of 160 people have been killed by flash floods across 13 provinces, with the worst affected area is in Parwan Province where the local hospital was destroyed, and 116 people died. In Pakistan 90 people have died since 23rd August with the city of Karachi largely submerged underwater. In Sudan 17 out of the 18 states have been impacted by the rainy season killing 65 and affecting over 185,000 people. In Niger 868 homes have been destroyed by the flooding of the Niger river in Niamey with over 15,000 displaced and taking refuge in local schools and host families.

Muslim Hands has long been established within these countries with teams on the ground working hard to provide vital aid in response to these devastating floods. The first phase will include the distribution of emergency food packs and clean water, shelter kits to protect survivors from the elements and hygiene kits to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses.

More funding is needed during the second phase of the project, which is to rehabilitate villages and remote areas. We are therefore calling out to our supporters to provide vital donations, which will be allocated to where is most needed so that families are supported through this crisis.

Basel Alkhder, Muslim Hands Emergency Lead, said:

‘Thousands have been left displaced in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Niger, and Sudan because of these seasonal floods, which has left utter destruction everywhere. The rainfall in Pakistan is the worst hit since records began, thousands of water sources in Sudan have been contaminated, over 15,000 displaced in Niger and over 2,000 homes have been destroyed in Parwan. These people need urgent vital aid to survive and Muslim Hands will be working to rehabilitate and rebuild affected areas later. We are therefore calling on our supporters to donate generously.’

Click to find out more about the Floods Emergency Response.

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