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27 November 2020

COVID responses, Winter Appeal & more! See what we've been up to this week:

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Asalamu Alaykum!

We've had a busy week here at Muslim Hands as we launched our 2020-21 Winter Appeal Alhamdulilah. This is the 27th year in a row we have been providing winter support both at home and around the globe, thanks to your support and mercy.

Subhan'Allah we've also launched an emergency response for the people of Ethiopia who have been fleeing violence, settling in refugee camps across Sudan. We're planning initial responses to support the Ethiopian people, following the Hadith of the Prophet (saw) who served them:

Once a delegation from Ethiopia arrived in Madinah and the Prophet (saw) stood up and began serving them. His companions said that they would look after them, but the Prophet (saw) insisted,  ‘Indeed, they were generous to our companions, and I would love to repay them’. [Baihaqi]

Our teams across the world have also been busy ensuring your donations reach those most in need - have a look:

Our UK programmes have begun distributing Winter survival packs and Hygiene kits across the UK. These include essentials such as winter sleeping bags and blankets, with the hygiene packs consisting of masks, gloves, sanitisers and wipes. This will help protect those most in need this winter.
Our events team alongside volunteers prepared hygiene packs across Bradford, Birmingham and London. And our UK programmes team also delivered them to the Open Kitchen in Hounslow to be distributed Alhamdulilah!
Volunteers from LSE University Islamic Society prepared these winter survival kits to be distributed at the Open Kitchen, Hounslow.
Our team in Sudan is discussing preparations for the initial response to support the refugees coming in from Ethiopia. It is being reported that nearly 4000 refugees are coming into Sudan each day, we pray that Allah puts barakah and success in their response & we can help our brothers and sisters.
Our students at the Muslim Hands school Lalamusa, Pakistan have been created PPE kits containing face masks and hand sanitisers. Many people in Pakistan do not have access to such products, and our students distributed them in Wazirabad. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep their community safe, alongside raising awareness.
PPE kits distribution - Wazirabad, Pakistan
Alhamdulilah! This week our students in Muslim Hands School of Excellence, Bhalwal, Pakistan received 110 laptops for the students. This provides a great opportunity for students to use new technology to further their education, giving them equal opportunities. Many may have never used a laptop before, and we are grateful that Allah has allowed us to give such an opportunity to our talented and hard-working students.
Health and hygiene awareness sessions in Pakistan
Continuing the fight against COVID-19 by introducing more hygiene opportunities and education
We've been constructing a new building at the MH School of Excellence Bhalwal to accommodate for the needs of the students, providing them with the best education and facilities.
A cataract removal eye camp took place in Sri Lanka this week too! Did you know you too can give someone the gift of sight? Check out our Great Charity Gifts website for more info.
Also, our teams in Yemen have been working on constructing a solar well in Taiz city. This is the Al-Madhaf water well and will provide clean water to 4000 needy people Alhamdulilah! We pray for its acceptance and success.
Alhamdulilah our teams on the ground in Beirut, Lebanon have been rebuilding homes for the victims of the Beirut blast in August - thanks to your support!

If you'd like to see more of the work we've been up to around the globe, then do check out our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

May Allah (swt) reward you all for your support and mercy, our work is only possible through your du'as and donations! Please keep us in your prayers!

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