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14 June 2017

West London Fire Appeal

Muslim Hands
Grenfell Tower in North Kensington has been hit by a devastating fire. Six people have been pronounced dead and more than 70 have been hospitalised. Twelve hours later, firefighters are still working hard to put out the fire which has shattered the lives of local residents. 
The impact of the fire on those living in Grenfell Tower is unimaginable. Families have lost everything – their homes, their possessions and even their loved ones. For these people, the road towards recovering what they once had will be long and tiring. Over the coming months, families will need significant support to rebuild their homes, families, possessions and the lives they once knew. Helping these families in the long-term will require significant financial support and that’s why we need your help.  
Give your support today and reach out to those in crisis. 

Muslim Hands UK

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