Education: An Essential Doorway Out of Poverty

A young boy at a Muslim Hands school waits for the beginning of class

Education is one of the most precious gifts we can give. In today's world, it is more important than ever to ensure children have access to a good quality education.

At school, students not only bring their minds and imaginations to life, but also empower themselves for an independent future full of opportunities.

Education is a release and an opening. It releases an individual from the cycle of poverty, and dependence, opening up a world of empowerment for the future.

We take many different approaches to education, providing schooling which is appropriate, relevant and most valuable for a student's long term needs. 

Read more about our holistic approach to education here: Our Holistic Approach.

In numbers: MH on education

Since 1993:

  • 40,000 children educated
  • 1,000 teachers employed
  • 15 countries with schools
  • 362 schools
  • 900 classrooms brimming with life
  • 1 unwavering commitment

Education from every angle

Education can mean different things for different communities and so we provide access to education from a number of different angles. Read on to see how we tailor our schools and classes according to the specific and local needs of our students.

There are many obstacles children and adults alike have to overcome in order to access an education and our projects aim to eliminate every barrier to learning. 

One size does not fit all around the world and here are examples of how we try to help every child get the very best from education, insha'Allah.

Model Schools


Where access to schools may exist, it is common to come across unprofessionally run and extremely under-resourced facilities which cause many children's education to suffer. Model schools run in areas where school conditions may be poor, class sizes too large and facilities limited.

They work to improve and provide better quality education than what is around. Students who attend model schools benefit from having teachers who have been given special teacher training and ongoing professional development.

Primarily serving orphans, Muslim Hands' Model Schools are also attended by a small portion of local fee-paying children who recognise the higher quality of education which students benefit from. These fee-paying students in turn help subsidise some of the cost in providing education for the neediest orphans.

Rural Schools


Sometimes accessing a school can be harder than covering the cost of school fees. There are many isolated and scattered villages with children who require an education though no accessible school exists.

MH Rural Community Schools serve children who live in areas like this and are typically located in rural areas and sometimes may only contain one or two classrooms. Most often, these schools are the children's only chance of getting an education.

Rural community schools are about providing basic access to school and we have already piloted this in Balochistan as one of the poorest parts of the world.

Due to the success of these, further schools have been built all over Pakistan with the World Bank recognising and supporting our ability to penetrate into areas which were previously inaccessible.

Together, we plan to expand this on a much greater scale in other regions of the world with a similar level of poverty and lack of access to education, such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Schools of Excellence


Muslim Hands runs pioneering Schools of Excellence as an investment into the quality and delivery of education for poor and orphan students.

These schools serve orphans and poorer children free of charge with a tailor-made curriculum from our in-house educationalists as well as a uniform and school materials. Where students live far, a school bus is provided to ensure children can make their way to and from school on time and with ease.

Muslim Hands' School of Excellence are custom built so benefit from science laboratories, recreation facilities, auditoriums and purpose built facilities.

To deliver dynamic and engaging lessons, MH sifts out and trains the very best of new teaching talent to raise the aspirations and morale of students. Local fee-paying children also attend these schools as the teaching standards usually far exceed that of local schools.

Schools of Excellence have been built in Sudan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Niger, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mali, Sri Lanka and Gambia.

Vocational Training


There are times when individuals require relevant, practical skills and training to see them into work and a career.

For this, Muslim Hands has set up a series of Vocational Training Centres where individuals learn skills which translate into a means to earn a living.

So far, we have delivered courses in carpentry, IT, plumbing, tailoring and mobile phone repair. Though these seem an eclectic mix, these courses tend to the daily and practical needs for the community they work in.

Worldwide education projects

Across the world, Muslim Hands runs education projects ranging from setting up large school complexes with accommodation for orphan students to braille reading classes for blind adults in Eastern Europe.

Our interactive map showcases the spread and variety of our education work.