Orphan Care

Beaming smiles all round as orphan children in Gambia receive their presents for Eid ul Fitr

We believe providing children with security and a high standard of education will help tackle the root causes of poverty and empower generations to come.

Muslim Hands sponsors already support over 10,000 orphans worldwide and together, we are laying the foundations for a brighter future not only for the children, but entire communities.

How do we look after our orphans?

Children have many different needs from having love, stability and care to hope for a future full with opportunities ahead. We address these many diverse aspects of looking after an orphan child and provide them with holistic care at their most vulnerable time.

This includes- but is not limited to- ensuring the child's security with a family, making sure they receive a high standard of education, monitoring their welfare progress and providing access to medical care should any child fall ill.



Losing a parent is a devastating event in the life of any child, but in poorer countries this also throws the child's life into great uncertainty.

Our orphan sponsorship programme ensures a child is placed with their immediate family and grows within a safe and secure domestic environment.

The family are in regular and close contact with an orphan worker who ensures any of their needs and concerns are addressed.



Education makes up the biggest part of orphan care as we believe the only way to break the cycle of poverty is to give people the opportunity to educate themselves and work their own way to independence and success.

Every child has their school fees covered and those who attend custom built MH schools benefit from passionate teachers, high-standard classroom facilities and a tailor-made curriculum.



Children who live in poverty are more prone to falling ill from preventable diseases. There are many times when routine sicknesses can become life-threatening due to the lack of healthcare available.

To make sure our children are well, we look after and monitor their health and development. We provide them with routine vaccinations to stop the beginning and spread of contagious illnesses. 



It is no secret that students who are properly fed do better in class.

A good level of nutrition is vital for a child's physical and mental health and where possible, children are given a warm nutritious meal during school to ensure they can concentrate during lessons and gain the maximum benefit from their school day.

In some countries, poverty levels are so severe that children suffer from endemic malnutrition and so the meal provided for them at school is more crucial than ever.



Many orphan children live in rural areas with no easy or accessible route to access school or other essential services.

Providing transport such as our school bus ensure students are able to get to and from school safely and within comfortable time.

For most students, something as simple as having a bus to take you to and from school becomes the difference between getting an education or not.

Why orphans? 

  • 11.2 million

    There an estimated 11.2 million orphans resulting from the Aids pandemic

  • 210 million

    There are between 143 million and 210 million orphans in the world

  • 143 million

    children around the world are officially classified as 'orphan'

In pictures

A brief overview of the impact that our orphan projects have had in bringing hope and opportunity to thousands of lives around the world, alhamdulillah.