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10 November 2015

MCE Smash their £75,000 Target

Muslim Hands
MCE Smash their £75,000 Target

Muslim Community Events, led by Tariq Razzaq and a group of dedicated volunteers, set themselves a massive task earlier this year. Being deeply concerned for the plight of the Rohingyan Muslims, Tariq set the goal of raising £75,000 with the aim of building a series of shelter homes. 

Fundraising began during Ramadan and in September and October MCE ran a programme of exciting UK-wide events including family fun days, dinners and talks. They had a great turn out everywhere they went and not only did they beat their target, but they completely smashed it, raising over £180,000 for a worthy cause!

Now, the money raised will provide much needed family homes for the Rohingya community in Myanmar, many of whom have been forced out of their homes and are now living in squalid slums and make-shift camps.

The shelter homes are made of local wood and bamboo, with iron sheet roofing and every home is also fitted with a mosquito and fly-proof latrine. 

A big thank you once again to Muslim Community Events and to everyone who donated.

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