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14 December 2015

Our Policy on Paper

Tijen Horoz
Our Policy on Paper

Here at MH, we work hard to ensure that the paper we buy is sourced from sustainable forests. 

We carry out regular checks to make sure that our printers are buying paper from FSC accredited merchants and all our paper is FSC accredited.  

Muslim Hands is committed to sustainability. We have delivered many projects that protect and sustain the environment. We have planted tens of thousands of trees around the world, installed water purification plants in many locations and spread the green message through our schools and through community and youth organisations in the areas we work in. In order to reduce pollution we have donated zero emission rickshaws to families in need as opposed to giving motorised vehicles.

Furthermore, we have a recycling policy that also underpins the policy of paper procurement and we have been very selective in choosing the correct recycling partner who shares our values. We also try our utmost to buy furniture and building materials that are 100% recycled-wood particle board.

We understand that caring for the environment is an important part of our vision for a better, fairer world for all. That is why it informs all areas of our work. 


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