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23 August 2016

The blessings of Qurbani for Ibrar Ullah and family

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor
The blessings of Qurbani for Ibrar Ullah and family

The Real Significance of Your Sacrifice: The blessings of Qurbani for Ibrar Ullah and family

Ibrar Ullah never let his disability stop him from supporting his family. Despite being disabled by polio at just five years old, he supported his wife, two children and disabled sister by raising an income from the livestock his relatives had given him. That was until the 2010 floods devastated his village in the Charsadda district of Pakistan.

When the floods came, Ibrar lost everything. All his animals, the only source of income for himself and his family, were swept away like leaves on an autumn breeze. Their home was all but destroyed and Ibrar was left to pick up the pieces. Despite their losses, the family remained hopeful, trusting in Allah to guide them out of their problems.

When Muslim Hands began a livelihoods scheme in Charsadda, Ibrar was determined to grasp the opportunity with both hands. With the support of Muslim Hands, he now runs his own grocery shop, just across the road from his house. His modest earnings cover the basic expenses of his immediate and extended family, but they can rarely afford luxuries.

For families like Ibrar’s, meat is a luxury. It may be hard for many of us who probably enjoy meat with most meals to understand, but for Ibrar, meat is an expense he can seldom stretch to. ‘It is very difficult to provide meat for my children even once a month’, he explains. ‘We mainly make do with pulses and vegetables and sometimes rice, but very rarely’.

It’s solely because of your Qurbani that this hard-working father and his children can enjoy fresh meat on the blessed days of Eid al-Adha. Last year, Ibrar’s family received 5 kg of meat, thanks to you and this year your sacrifice will provide enough meat to last them not only for the days of Eid, but for the whole week. Ibrar is excited about the Shahi Keema he plans to cook for his family, especially for his mother. And it’s all possible because of your Qurbani sacrifice.

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