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15 September 2016

Ibrar Ullah Receives Your Qurbani Meat

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor

Remember when we told you about the story of Ibrar Ullah, the disabled father of two in Peshawar? 

Ibrar was struggling to support his wife, children and disabled sister after the 2010 floods swept away his livestock. As well as helping Ibrar to establish a livelihood, Muslim Hands delivers Qurbani meat to the family each year.

We are pleased to tell you that this Eid, Ibrar was one of 24,000 families in Pakistan to receive fresh meat from your Qurbanis.

The 5kg of lamb that was delivered to Ibrar's door was used to make kebabs and the shahi keema mince dish that Ibrar had promised to cook for his mother.

Ibrar told our team, 'The taste of mince and kebab is very special for my family and I pray for the generous donors who provided this opportunity for us to enjoy meat on Eid'.

You can read more about Ibrar Ullah's story here 

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