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14 October 2016

Thank you for Feeding Hungry Families this Qurbani

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor

This Qurbani, your sacrifices have provided fresh meat for families in need across the world. From refugees in Lebanon to victims of drought in East Africa, your generosity has allowed so many of our Ummah to share in the joys of Eid.

We just wanted to say a big thank you from Muslim hands and all the people you have fed with your Qurbani donations and show you just some of the communities you have helped.

In war-torn Syria, your Qurbanis provided meat to displaced families in Idlib, Hama and southern Aleppo.
In Malawi's Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Machinga, Salima and Balaka regions, vulnerable families enjoyed a cooked Eid meal as they waited for their Qurbani meat.
Over 250,000 people across Pakistan including orphans, widows and the disabled, received fresh, quality meat for Qurbani. For those who could not collect the meat, door-to-door distributions were carried out.
In Russia, where levels of poverty are rising at an alarming rate, vulnerable families in the Republic of Tatarstan received fresh meat from your sacrifices.
Over 60,000 people displaced by conflict, drought and severe flooding in Somalia were able to enjoy fresh meat on the days of Eid thanks to your Qurbani donations.
In Afghanistan, where over 40% of children are chronically malnourished, the Qurbani meat you provided ensured that families in Catrt e-parwan, Pule charkha, Ahmad sha baba Mina, Kabul province, Gardiz City, Paktia province and Ghazni province received vital nutrition over the whole Eid period.
In Nairobi, Makueni, Makindu, Yamalani and Mombasa, local Kenyan tribal leaders helped our teams distribute fresh meat to remote villages where communities have little or no means of income.
In Bangladesh, our vets ensured that only the healthiest animals would be used to feed families across 34 villages.
In Kosovo, where 30% of people live in poverty, the villagers of Dubovc gathered on the first day of Eid to celebrate and collect the fresh beef your Qurbani donations provided.
Hundreds of families in need across Mali’s capital district, Bamako enjoyed a rare meal with meat this Qurbani.

Although Qurbani is over, you can still support a hungry child by giving to our Food for Kids campaign, providing daily school meals for orphaned and needy children across the world.

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