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18 May 2018

Smoothies to Fuel your Good Deeds this Ramadan

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Smoothies to Fuel your Good Deeds this Ramadan

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Our energy to perform good deeds comes from the foods we eat, and eating foods rich in nutrition provides us with sustained energy throughout the day. Particularly in Ramadan, when the window to eat is short, our foods should be healthy and wholesome to avoid fatigue and laziness.             

Smoothies are a really easy, tasty way for us to fuel ourselves for the long summer fasts. They require only a blender to prepare, (check the cupboards, there’s probably one lurking in there somewhere!) and take no more than a few minutes of our time to make. This is not to say that we should stop eating meals at iftar and suhur, but smoothies can be used to supplement our nutrition - it’s a great way to get vitamins and micronutrients from fruit & veg.   

One of the best things about smoothies is that there are no rules. You can throw into the jug any combination of fruit and veg you have in your kitchen.

Need some inspiration to get you started?

Try this tasty Ramadan recipe for a creamy smoothie made with dates, a sunnah food and  great for a quick energy boost:

2 large medjoul dates
1 handful of cashews
1 large banana
200ml Almond Milk (from a reputable brand)

Or give this berry smoothie a go. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals it will sustain your body through the long days:

2 spoonfuls each of blueberries,
1 spoonful of raspberries
2 strawberries
1 large banana
150ml of apple juice

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