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04 December 2020

COVID responses, Winter Appeal & more! See what we've been up to this week:

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Asalamu Alaykum!

We've had another extremely busy week at Muslim Hands as our teams have been distributing your donations, building your wells, supporting Emergency appeals and more!

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘The shade of the believer on the Day of Resurrection is his charity’. [Ahmad]

We pray Allah swt accepts all the efforts of our donors and teams on the ground, our purpose is to continue saving lives, and transforming the lives of those in need. These smiles are evidence that your work truly does make a difference, and the Du'as of these people are priceless.

Let's take a look:

Our events team alongside our partner Ribaat Outreach packed winter relief packs and hygiene kits to be distributed to the homeless and those in need in London!
Here's an example of what was packed: Sleeping bags, woolly hat, gloves and socks, survival packs, hand sanitiser, vinyl gloves, wipes and masks! These will be distributed tonight and over the weekend In Sha Allah.
Our events co-ordinators also held further UK Winter distributions in Manchester and Birmingham - alongside our Open Kitchen in Hounslow, West London.
Alhamdulilah our teams in Somalia were busy building your donated wells, allowing communities to feel the blessing of clean water. Look at their smiles! That joy of a mother being able to provide clean water to her child is priceless. May Allah swt accept it from us and you.
The MH Somalia staff reached 2,000 internally displaced people and Host communities with key messages on COVID 19 Prevention. This was done through a door to door service, providing key awareness on hygiene and preventing the spread of COVID -19.
As winter arrives in Pakistan, the spread of COVID-19 is increasing. Our office in Lahore distributed more hygiene kits this week to help raise hygiene awareness and prevent the spread of the disease.
Alhamdulilah our team in South Africa held a food distribution this week, as over 600 people were fed. On World Aids Day, they supported Sister Joyce who runs a local soup kitchen, as she aimed to raise awareness of the disease after losing her own daughter to it 28 years ago.
South Africa food distribution
This is the village of Wazey in Niger, where women and children struggled to fetch clean water for their daily usage. They used to walk almost 2 - 3 kilomètres and spend the whole day at the only existing well, which is almost 100 metres deep for them to fetch the water.

Muslim Hands Niger will now construct a Solar well so that clean water may be more accessible for them!
In Mauritania, our teams have been busy fencing a Masjid donated by a Muslim Hands donor, as part of the Major Giving team. If you want to build your own Masjid, get in touch with us on 01159117222!
The Prophet (saw) said, ‘He who does not thank the people is not thankful to Allah’. (Abu Dawud)

SubhanAllah, you’ve given over £14,000 towards the Ethiopian refugees since Friday! Thousands of people are fleeing into Sudan daily, and this aid is urgently needed. Our team has been distributing basic food like flour, as well as essential items like face masks and soap, ensuring families stay nourished and healthy during this devastating crisis
Our staff in Sudan have also been spreading love and joy between the Ethiopian refugees, they even joined them for a small game of football Masha'Allah!

If you'd like to see more of the work we've been up to around the globe, then do check out our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

May Allah (swt) reward you all for your support and mercy, our work is only possible through your du'as and donations! Please keep us in your prayers!

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