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04 May 2021

NEW Stories of Hope Gift Pack

Safa Faruqui
NEW Stories of Hope Gift Pack

Every Monday in Ramadan 2021, we've been sharing a Story of Hope from the Qur'an and Sunnah with you on our blog. We've turned these stories into four beautifully illustrated posters - the perfect Islamic gift to inspire and engage a child this Eid!

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Keep scrolling to view pictures of the illustrated posters and learn more about each Story of Hope!

1: Prophet Sulaiman (as) and the Blessed Masjid

Our first Story of Hope was about the rebuilding of Masjid Al-Aqsa by Sulaiman (as) and his father, Dawud (as).

Dawud (as) passed away before the Blessed Masjid was rebuilt. Sulaiman (as) was worried that he would also pass away before the reconstruction was complete. As he and his people worked, he made an immense du'a to Allah (swt): that Allah would forgive the sins of anyone who visited Masjid Al-Aqsa and prayed there. 

SubhanAllah, although Sulaiman (as) passed away while rebuilding the Masjid, Allah still answered his du'a, by ensuring the rebuilding work didn't stop!

Sulaiman (as) passed away as he was leaning on his walking stick, watching his workers. Miraculously, he continued to stand even after his soul left his body - believing that their king was watching them, the workers continued their task, until Masjid Al-Aqsa had been rebuilt. At this point, he fell to the ground - a group of ants had eaten through his walking stick, and it no longer supported him.

Because of this miracle, thousands of people from around the world can visit Masjid Al-Aqsa every year. They can see its beautiful olive trees, pray in its blessed rooms and visit its historic graveyard. And every time someone travels to Masjid Al-Aqsa to pray there, Allah answers the du'a of Prophet Sulaiman (as), forgiving all of their sins.

This is ultimately a story about the power of du'a - and the perfect way to connect your child with this essential worship! Order your Kids Gift Pack today to receive this inspiring story.

2: Hajar (as) in the Desert

Our second Story of Hope was about Hajar (as), the mother of Prophet Ismail (as) and a person who had amazing Tawakkul. When Allah commanded her husband, Ibrahim (as), to leave Hajar (as) and her baby alone in the desert, she accepted His decree without hesitation. Despite being in an uncultivated and unsettled desert, she had absolute trust that He would protect them and provide for them.

And of course, Allah provided for Hajar (as) and Ismail (as) in a way that was completely beyond her imagination!

Firstly, He sent an angel to strike the barren desert until water gushed out of it, making the well of Zamzam which supplies pilgrims with water to this day. Secondly, He sent a tribe from His blessed people - the people of Yemen - straight to where Hajar (as) was staying, so she would no longer be alone. This Yemeni tribe kept Hajar (as) company and loved Ismail (as) as if he was their own child, subhanAllah!

Each of the posters in the Kids Gift Pack concludes with a special lesson about trusting Allah (as pictured above) - making this the perfect Islamic gift to engage your child this Eid!

3: Halimah (ra) and the Blessed Orphan

Our third Story of Hope was about the foster mother of the Prophet (saw), Halimah (ra), whose life was completely transformed after she decided to take in this blessed orphan.

SubhanAllah, Halimah (ra) had no idea that she had invited the best of creation into her home! She had simply hoped that Allah would bless her through this orphan, as He is always Merciful towards people who show mercy to others. She was not expecting the abundance of blessings which she received! From the very first night:

  • She was able to breastfeed the Prophet (saw) and her new-born son as soon as they left Makkah, despite being too weak to feed her own son on the journey there.
  • Her old she-camel was likewise filled with milk, so she and her husband were able to sate their hunger.
  • The entire family 'spent the best of nights', sleeping well.
  • Their donkey, which had lagged behind the rest of the tribe on the way to Makkah, ran ahead on the way back, full of strength and vitality.

And these blessings continued when Halimah (ra) arrived home - her livestock were always well-fed and her family were abundantly provided for. All because she had decided to look after an orphan!

This story is ultimately about how Allah blesses those who do good for His sake - in their homes, their wealth, their time, their work and every aspect of their life, alhamdulillah! Order your Kids Gift Pack today to inspire your children with this amazing lesson!

4: The Prophet (saw) and the Illuminated City

Our fourth Story of Hope was about the Ansar, the Helpers of Madinah, whose sincere generosity towards a group of displaced Muslims is remembered to this day.

When the Prophet (saw) carried the beautiful message of Islam to the Quraish, many of them rejected Islam and mocked the Prophet (saw). They also used to persecute the weaker Muslims and make it difficult for them to worship Allah (swt). Life in Makkah was very painful for the Prophet (saw) and the Muslims.

It became even worse after the Prophet's beloved wife Khadijah (ra) passed away, as well as his uncle and protector, Abu Talib. But during this sorrowful time, Allah sent the Muslims a beautiful gift: the Ansar.

SubhanAllah, the Ansar opened their homes to the people displaced by persecution, sharing their food, their clothes and their wealth with them. Some Ansar even offered to give their Muhajir (emigrant) brothers half of their businesses! They saw that these Muslims were in need of support and did not hesitate to offer them unconditional help for the sake of Allah. They did not hold back; truly, they followed the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) in their generosity, kindness and soft-heartedness.

This is the perfect story to teach children about brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam and inspire them to follow in the footsteps of the Ansar!

Don't miss out on gifting these inspiring stories to a child this Eid!

Each Kids Gift Pack includes four beautifully illustrated posters, which you can receive for just £10. This will provide bread to 140 people in blessed Yemen and Syria, including orphans, widows and disabled people.

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