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08 April 2022

What does hope mean to you?

Muslim Hands

Every Ramadan, we come up with a central message for our supporters and ourselves that we come back to every time we renew our intentions. In Ramadan 2022, our message is 'You are their hope', reminding us that everything we do at Muslim Hands is to bring hope and relief to the Ummah for the sake of Allah (swt).

Our team in Pakistan recently asked a student at our Islamabad School of Excellence what hope means to her. Ma sha Allah, here is her eloquent and thought-provoking answer!

We hope you found Hajra’s speech as inspiring as we did - may Allah reward her for sharing her thoughts, amin!

This Ramadan, you can send hope to the Ummah by sponsoring an orphan, providing iftar, building a water well and so much more. Check out our emergency work on our Appeals page. 

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