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09 December 2022

Episode 14: Mental Health and The Cost-of-Living Crisis

Muslim Hands

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of our podcast, Sunnah Stream!

6 in 10 UK adults are saying that the cost-of-living crisis is having a negative impact on their mental health. Muslim families are being disproportionately affected during this difficult time. 

In this episode, our very own Sahirah Javaid and Tijen Horoz are joined by therapist and counsellor Safiyah Khan from Inspirited Minds to discuss how the crisis is affecting people, who are most at risk, and how we can help ourselves and others.

Through the Muslim Hands’ UK Open Kitchens, both Sahirah and Tijen have witnessed first-hand the impact of the economic crisis on the mental and physical well-being of service users. Tune in as they discuss with Safiyah how Muslims can draw from their faith, their community and their own experiences when dealing with mental health issues affecting themselves and their communities.

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