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21 March 2024

Press Release: Meadow Lane to host Open Iftar with Nottingham charity Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands
Press Release: Meadow Lane to host Open Iftar with Nottingham charity Muslim Hands

Notts County Foundation is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a special event, inviting members of Nottingham's Muslim community to an open Iftar at Meadow Lane on Tuesday 2nd April. This event, in collaboration with Muslim Hands and its UK initiative The Open Kitchen, is a gesture of inclusivity and solidarity, aiming to bring together members of the local Muslim community in celebration during the holy month of Ramadan.

Attendees can look forward to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, along with complimentary food provided for the Iftar meal provided by the Open Kitchen, described as a ‘lifeline’ to the many service users it supports including low-income families, refugees and those experiencing homelessness. Open 365 days of the year, over 50,000 hot nutritious meals have been provided to the heart of the Nottingham community. New Notts County signing Alassana Jatta will be attending the Open Kitchen to hand out food to people that are supported by Muslim Hands, helping to integrate him into the local Nottingham community.

Muslim Hands, a renowned international aid organisation, has dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities across the globe for thirty years. The organisations commitment to providing nutritious meals during Ramadan, which has reached record-breaking figures in its history this year, aligns perfectly with the spirit of this event, highlighting the importance of community support and compassion.

Abdul Rahman, UK Programs Manager at Muslim Hands said, “we are excited to be partnering with Notts County Foundation this Ramadan to highlight the importance of community solidarity, which we believe is the gateway for change. The service users, volunteers and our supporters symbolise diversity and social cohesion, and make up people from all faiths, backgrounds and walks of life. We are proud of the legacy that we have planted in the heart of Nottingham in line with our Islamic faith, and we hope to further this by working collaboratively with community led organisations such as Notts County.”

"As a Muslim at Notts County Foundation, I am immensely proud to see my community represented and valued within my workplace and witnessing firsthand the deliberate efforts made by the Foundation to engage with local communities. Being part of an organisation that prioritises diversity and inclusion reinforces my belief in the power of sports to unite people from all walks of life. I look forward to attending the Iftar at Meadow Lane!” - Sufyaan Ali, Finance Officer.

Meadow Lane, the historic home of Notts County Football Club, will serve as the backdrop for this communal gathering, offering a unique environment for all who attend.

Jade Shuriah, Deputy Sport and Inclusion Manager at Notts County Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, "We are thrilled to extend this invitation to Nottingham's Muslim community for a special Iftar at Meadow Lane. At Notts County, we believe in the power of sport and community to bring people together. It is important to us that all members of our community feel valued and welcomed, and events like this help to reinforce our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity."

‘Supporting an iftar celebration isn't just about sharing a meal; it's about embracing the beauty of diversity and the richness of cultures. In learning to appreciate and partake in traditions beyond our own, we foster empathy, understanding, and a stronger, more connected global community,” said Jade.

Notts County Foundation encourages members of the Muslim community in Nottingham to join them for this memorable evening of togetherness, breaking fast, and fostering connections within the community.

Chief Financial Officer at Notts County Foundation reinforced the charitable arm’s determination to engage and support the community: "We are committed to ensuring that Notts County extends its impact beyond the pitch by reaching out to a diverse range of local communities across our city. Our aim is to foster inclusivity, by working with local communities to identify and remove any boundaries that may exist. I firmly believe that engaging with a wide spectrum of communities will enrich our club’s rich culture and through fantastic events like this, we can ensure that everyone feels valued and welcomed at our club."

For further information and to register your attendance, please click here or contact and for more information.

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