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Afghanistan Urgently Needs Life-Saving Food

'This winter, millions of Afghans will be forced to choose between migration and starvation - unless we can step up our life-saving food assistance and unless the economy can be resuscitated'. [WFP]

The World Food Programme are now reporting that a staggering 98% of people in Afghanistan are not eating enough food. Vulnerable families have become even more desperate, struggling to cope with the impact of severe drought, economic collapse and the looming threat of winter.

Acute hunger in both cities and rural areas has reached record levels, with millions of people 'marching towards starvation'.

In this life and death situation, every single donation is vital in protecting one more family from famine. We urgently need your help to ensure Afghan families don't go hungry this winter.

Our team are already on the ground in the Badghis and Maidan Wardak provinces, distributing emergency food parcels as well as shawls and blankets to keep people warm. We are prioritising orphans, widows, people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as families with children and low-income families.

Don't leave our Afghan brothers and sisters alone in their hour of need. Donate now to give them the strength to survive this devastating humanitarian crisis.

Facts on the Ground

22.8 million Afghans are facing acute food insecurity

Of these, 9 million people are 'knocking at famine's door'

Afghanistan is facing an epic humanitarian crisis


Our work in Afghanistan

Since 2003 Muslim Hands has provided:

Free health and maternity services to approximately 360,000 people

School enrolment in private and public schools for 6,500 students

Emergency relief services during disasters and seasonal projects for approximately 4,000 people

Food and non-food care packages for 15,000 people during Ramadan and winter

Safe water for daily use to around 490,000 people

Capacity building and vocational skills training to around 4,600 young men and women

A million pound vision for Afghanistan

MashaAllah, one anonymous donor recently contacted Muslim Hands to begin the groundwork for the largest Special Project in Muslim Hands history. Pledging a staggering one million pounds in financial support, this donor’s special project aims to provide clean drinking water to the population of Afghanistan.

The vision is to lay the foundations for the first step in bringing Afghanistan out of poverty. Young, old, male and female – everyone will benefit in sha' Allah. The project is expected to take approximately five years to complete, with the hope that by 2025, Afghanistan will start to break free from the cycle of poverty through its new-found blessings.

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Motherkind: Providing healthcare for mothers in Kabul

Gul Afroz is 33 years old and mother of seven children. The Afroz family originate from Tagab (Kapisa) but were later forced to migrate to Iran due to civil unrest in the area and their poor economic situation. Now based in Poli Charkhi (Kabul), they continue to live in extreme hardship. 

Gul and her family live in a mud house and have no source of income. Gul’s husband is a drug addict and as well as having seven dependents, Gul is currently five months pregnant. The Motherkind clinic is Gul’s only option to receive free health care services.

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The Prophet (saw) said, ‘If anyone removes his brother’s anxiety of this world, Allah will remove for him one of the anxieties of the Day of resurrection’. [Abu Dawud]

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