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02 October 2015

Facing your Fears: Depression, Grief and a Moody Cow

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor
Facing your Fears: Depression, Grief and a Moody Cow

On the 2nd September Nazim Ibn Saim cycled all the way from London to Paris to raise funds for Syrian refugees and earthquake victims in Nepal. We talked to Nazim about why he decided to take this challenge on and how his journey brought him back from the depths of depression.

Why was this cause so important to you?

An old friend named Abel (now deceased) once told me that bad things will always happen, it's automatic. If you want good things to happen then it must be done manually. I feel for the Syrian people caught between the infighting. It’s always the civilian population that pays the price in conflicts. As for the people of Nepal, they had already suffered one earthquake, now they’ve suffered two. No one deserves to suffer like they have suffered.

Why did you choose to do a bike ride?

I made a promise to two people that I greatly care about. One of them was my friend, Abel, who sadly passed away during Ramadan. May Allah (swt) grant him peace. I did this for them.

Also this tour was very personal to me. I suffer from depression and was very close to death’s door. I needed to prove to myself that I am more than what my mind would have me believe. This ride was my redemption, a chance to start a new.

Push through the pain, giving up hurts more.

Why did you choose to fundraise for Muslim Hands?

I spent hours trying to find the right charity that works in accordance with my morals and ethics. Then I came across Muslim Hands. I was pleased by your twenty-three year history of helping people and your commitment to needy people from all backgrounds.

How was the bike ride?

It was hard, painful and incredibly gruelling. I wanted to cry. And those hills! Oh man, those were horrible. I was not prepared for it at all. The road to Paris is not as "romantic" as I first thought.

But it was all worth it. One for the history books.

Any mishaps along the way?

I trespassed on a farm (accidently) because I took a wrong turn. There was this one cow that just kept staring at me, and mooing. I was kind of scared, but I took a selfie with her anyway! 

Do you have plans for any future fundraising?

There are a few things in the works at the moment. I have always wanted to fly, so to speak. Watch this space!

Click here for Nazim’s Just Giving page

Or follow the link to find out how you can fundraise for Muslim Hands.

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