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23 May 2018

Walk for the Children of War - Harun’s Story

For the love of a lost child

The tragedy of losing a child is something no parent can really prepare for. When his young son, Humuyun, lost his battle with cancer, Harun was determined to put his efforts into protecting vulnerable children across the world.

Here’s his story:

'I am taking part in ‘Walk For The Children Of War’ as it has always been a desire of mine to help children in need. Reflecting back on my own personal experience, departing from my six-year-old son when he was diagnosed with cancer was a difficult thing for me to do. Watching my son fight for his life and getting weaker day by day - I felt helpless as there was nothing that I could do to minimise his pain or struggle. It was heartbreaking.

A moment that really struck me during my son's battle was when he was restricted from drinking and eating. When no one was around he looked over at me, asking me for a glass of water. Now, understanding that he was being restricted from drinking for his own health and wellbeing, I had to refuse his request. His reply back to me was, 'Please, give it to me. I won’t tell the nurse'.

He was thirsty, all he wanted was a glass of water, but I couldn’t even give him that. The memory of this moment has always struck me because as a parent of a child who is battling cancer, how do you say no? At that moment I wanted to give him everything - I wanted to give him that glass of water, something to eat but I couldn’t, I knew I couldn’t.

Now, relating this back to why I am taking part in the ‘Walk For The Children Of War’. It’s because I want to make a difference. I couldn’t fulfil the wish of my son, but I can fulfil the wishes of the children in Syria, Yemen and Rohingya that are fighting thirst and hunger.

All I’m asking for is support from the community, to donate or even just spread the word. All funds raised go towards providing the children with food. Think about the rewards gained from supporting these vulnerable children who are in need of our help.

Taking part and participating in this walk will make a whole lot of difference for every child that is struggling. I could have given my son that glass of water, but I didn’t for his own health and wellbeing and that will always be buried in my mind and heart. The children of Syria, Yemen and Rohingya are fighting thirst and hunger every single day. However, I can make a difference by providing for them. So can YOU!'

So, participate in this amazing act of kindness and support the vulnerable children who are in urgent need of our help.

Why not lend your support to Harun and join us on one of the walks near you? Alternatively, you can donate to someone you know who is taking part.

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