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14 December 2018

Umm el-Noor's Winter

Muslim Hands

In Syria, Umm el-Noor had a good life.Then, her husband was killed, and she was forced to flee her home.

Now, she and her five children live in a make-shift tent in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Winter is here, and their struggle for survival is growing desperate. Umm el-Noor can't afford basic items such as blankets and warm clothing, and her family are at the mercy of the elements.


There are families like Umm el-Noor's across the world, struggling to survive against freezing temperatures, cyclone winds, and torrential rains. Muslim Hands is distributing emergency winter relief in 11 locations in the UK and elsewhere. Your donations will provide security to thousands of vulnerable families, including the Rohingya refugees and the people of Yemen.

Find out more about our Emergency Winter Appeal.

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