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13 April 2023

Feeding the Thousands in Yemen and Syria

Muslim Hands

12 years of conflict in Syria, and eight years of war in Yemen have led to the displacement of millions of our brothers and sisters. Having lost everything, they are now struggling to provide basic necessities like food for their families. 

Alhamdulillah, our teams are running six bread factories in the Blessed Lands producing 100,000 loaves of bread daily in north Aden, south Aden, north Ma’rib, south Ma’rib and Seiyun in Yemen, as well as in Afrin in Syria. The Blessed Bakeries are tackling hunger by feeding thousands of vulnerable people, including widows, orphans and people with disabilities.  

Abdullah is one of the beneficiaries receiving daily bread for his family. Watch to see how the bakeries are impacting beneficiaries like brother Abdullah and sister Hamdah: 


Meanwhile, in Syria, Mohammed Ibrahim receives bread from our Mega Bread Factory in Afrin, one of the worst impacted areas of the country during the February 2023 earthquakes. He is originally from Idlib but has been displaced multiple times to keep his family safe from the ongoing violence. Alhamdulillah, not only does Mohammed receive daily bread for his family, but he is also amongst several Syrians the factory has employed, providing so much value to the community.   

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