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21 December 2020

Our Gaza Winter Walk 2021!

Faisal Nazir
Our Gaza Winter Walk 2021!

Bismillah, it’s that time of year again. For the 13th year in a row, we’re launching our Gaza Winter Walk! This is our annual event where we walk five miles together in aid of the people of Gaza - a beautiful opportunity to do something special with your family and friends. Join us virtually on February 13th 2021 as we walk together and connected on Zoom as we’re joined by our host Khaleel Muhammad, nasheed singer Mikhaeel Mala and more!

It will be an event not to be missed, as our very own Yasrab Shah takes us through the Muslim Hands 40 Hadith collection on the virtues of Shaam. There will be nasheeds, quizzes for the children (and adults!), interviews from participants and more great entertainment, all in aid of a good cause. Not to mention it will all also be broadcasted LIVE on Islam Channel in sha Allah! You’ll be helping those in lands which have been blessed, as mentioned in the Qur’an:

‘Glory be to the One Who took His servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him some of Our signs. Indeed, He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing’. [The Noble Qur’an, 17:1]

So much has happened since last year’s walk where we all came together in Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham and London to raise more than £100,000, which helped to reduce mortality rates for new-born babies. Your donations also helped provide training to doctors to better equip them in neonatal life support and infection control.

Why should we sign up?

This year, your walks will help provide shelter repairs for refugees in Gaza, who are living in hazardous, overcrowded and structurally unsafe conditions. As temperatures drop to as low as -10°C, these damaged homes will not protect families from the harsh winter ahead. These unsuitable living conditions increase the risk of disease, which will only contribute to the damage caused by COVID-19. All you've got to do is sign up and fundraise to reach (and In sha Allah smash) our £150 fundraising target!

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘If anyone removes his brother’s anxiety of this world, Allah will remove for him one of the anxieties of the Day of resurrection; if anyone makes easy for an impoverished man, Allah will make easy for him in this world and on the day of resurrection; if anyone conceals a Muslim’s secrets, Allah will conceal his secrets in this world and on the Day of resurrection; Allah will remain in the aid of a servant so long as the servant remains in the aid of his brother’. [Abu Dawud]

Your efforts will remove the hardships of 50 families across Gaza which have been specifically chosen, based on need, by our partners on the ground, UNRWA, a U.N aid agency. As the hadith above reminds us, so long we are in aid of our brother, Allah will remain in aid of us.

Palestinian refugees continue to face a socio-economic and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as movement restrictions, high unemployment and poverty rates worsen their living conditions. They are highly dependent on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. COVID-19 has contributed to the growing unemployment, lack of food and basic resources, leaving the people of Gaza in urgent need.

We simply cannot not walk for the people of Gaza. Their need is so dire. Despite Tier 4 restrictions in London and much of the South-East of England, we urge you to walk safely, socially distanced for your daily exercise. They need our help, they need your support.

We will be working on the ground with U.N agency UNWRA, your amazing fundraising will provide mercy and hope for the most vulnerable families. Every step you take with us on the 13th of February will be a step closer to a mother keeping her young children warm, a father’s worries lightened and hope to the people of Gaza. Together we can remind them that the Ummah has not forgotten them in their time of need.

The virtues of helping the people of Gaza:

Gaza is part of Ash-Shaam, which was given glad tidings by the Prophet (saw):

On the authority of Zaid bin Thabit who Said, ‘We were with the Messenger of Allah collecting the Qur’an on pieces of cloth, so the Messenger of Allah  said, “Tuba (good news) is for ash-Shām.” So we said, ‘Why is that O Messenger of Allah?’ He said, “Because the angels of Ar-Rahman (The Merciful) spread their wings over it.”’ [Tirmidhi]

The lands of Gaza were blessed by the Prophet (saw):

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘O Allah bless us in our Shaam! O Allah bless us in our Yemen!’ [Tirmidhi]

You’ve done some amazing things for Yemen through our recent virtual walk, which raised £75,000 for our Yemen bread factory, which will feed 1,000,000 (yes one million!) orphans, widows and disabled people. Subhan’Allah, just last week over £8000 was raised for our Hike for Yemen which will provide emergency food parcels to nearly 80 families!

Let us fulfil the other half of the Du’a made by the Prophet (saw) and help the people of Shaam, the people of Gaza. Imagine the reward of helping those the Prophet (saw) directly prayed for?

We would have loved to see you in person and walk together, however, due to government guidelines regarding coronavirus we cannot hold this event in person. Your safety and well-being remain our highest priority. This is the perfect way to kick-start your 2021, by making a difference to those in need. It will kick away those winter blues, get you fit and healthy and begin your year with Barakah.

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