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18 October 2021

Episode 6: The Blessed Birth of the Prophet (saw)

Muslim Hands

Welcome to the sixth episode of our podcast, Sunnah Stream!

In this episode, our panel have a comprehensive discussion on the Prophet's birth, including cosmic signs surrounding his birth, how it is the greatest event in creation and how other messengers brought glad tidings of it. They talk the noble lineage of the Final Messenger (saw), Abu Lahab's reaction to news of his birth and so much more.

Ma sha Allah, our panel covered around twenty topics in this episode - all time-stamped for your convenience!

Co-hosted by Ustadh Yasrab Shah and Shaikh Haroon Hanif, with Ustadh Amir Nawaz as a guest.

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Also, remember to share this beneficial knowledge with friends and family! As the Prophet (saw) said, 'Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it'. [Muslim]

May Allah (swt) send peace and blessings upon His Messenger - and may Allah keep us upon his beautiful Sunnah, amin!


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