Below Zero: Winter Appeal

Below Zero: Winter Appeal

Keep them warm, keep them alive

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How You Can Help

£50 can provide enough re-enforced sheeting to help protect six family homes from rain and snow.

£70 can provide a family with a stove and winter fuel to keep their home warm.

£90 can equip a family with the warm clothes they need to survive winter.

£150 can provide two families with essential dietary items such as cooking oil, grains and vegetables for a whole month.

£250 can provide a 'Family Relief Pack' and give a family enough food to last a whole month, blankets, re-enforced plastic sheets, a safe stove, winter fuel and warm clothing


Keep Them Warm, Keep Them Alive

Here in the UK, most of us are well protected when the temperature drops below zero. We have so many ways of keeping warm; we can turn up the central heating, dig out our warm winter coats and scarves, cover ourselves with extra blankets.

Unfortunately, for poor and displaced families around the world, protecting themselves from the biting winds, ice cold nights and heavy snowfall of winter is just not an option.

For those facing sub-zero temperatures in makeshift tents and sub-standard homes with not even basic heating, blankets or food to keep them warm and protected, winter becomes a matter of survival.

Exposure to the cold poses a dangerous threat to vital organs such as the lungs and heart and is life-threatening to vulnerable families who are already weakened by hunger and malnutrition.

Many will become seriously ill and many more will die from the cold.

By providing basic essentials like warm blankets and winter stoves, you can protect people from the dangers of the cold season.

Don’t let families face the winter alone. Keep them warm, keep them alive.

The choice between heating and eating

It is a struggle for poor families to feed everyone at any time of the year. But in the barren winter when cheap, yet nutritious food items like fresh fruits and vegetables are not readily available, many have to make the difficult choice between eating and keeping warm.

By providing nutritious food you are giving families the essential fuel they need to keep them warm and healthy through the winter months and ensuring they don’t have to decide between food and other winter essentials.

How you can help

Out in the cold

For families who have no domestic heating, huddling around an open fire is often the only way to keep warm. Many who cannot afford fuel have to burn rubbish even though the toxic fumes make them sick. Others are forced to do without any warmth.

By giving winter stoves and fuel you are giving a family a safe way of heating their home and ensuring they don’t have to cook outside in the cold.

How you can help

Warm blankets should not be a luxury

Blankets and warm clothing are a simple, yet effective way of keeping people warm in cold homes. Yet, despite being winter essentials, there are many families around the world for whom these items are an unaffordable luxury.

Providing winter blankets and clothes is a cheap, but efficient way to protect families from the long cold nights.

How you can help

Locations We Work In

Temperatures in the areas we provide relief to can drop as low as:



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