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Kashmir Under Curfew

Years of political instability and conflict have taken their toll on the communities of India-administered Kashmir. Since August 2019, mass lockdowns have left families vulnerable and unable to leave their homes.

Alhamdulillah, we have been on the ground in Anantnag and Pulwama since the beginning of the crisis.


As food and medicine stocks depleted, your donations reached families with emergency food parcels and essential medicines like insulin, as well as helping us run ambulance services in vulnerable communities.

Our partners on the ground are still providing emergency aid to vulnerable families. Give now to help families in lockdown.

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Focus Kashmir Pakistan

Years of political instability, high rates of inflation and a devastating earthquake in 2005 have taken their toll on the communities of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. 73% of people do not have access to basic healthcare, 43% of children are not in school and unsafe water causes thousands of infant deaths every year.

Unemployment rates are double that of mainland Pakistan and over half the population does not have enough food.

For over 20 years, Muslim Hands has been supporting vulnerable families in Kashmir. We have built schools, opened vocational training centres, ran agricultural projects, established free healthcare services and provided food and clean water across the region.

All of this has only been possible because of your donations. With your continuing support we can serve the communities of Kashmir for many years to come.

Our work in Kashmir (Pakistan)

Since 1994 Muslim Hands has provided:

Essential food items to over 50,000 families

Medical treatment to nearly 400,000 people

Almost 50,000 children with an education

350,000 people with clean water

Support to 3,700 orphans

Nearly 1,500 people with vocational training

Help us support impoverished communities in Kashmir (Pakistan)



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